This is 2013-2016-indicadores.cidadessustentaveis.org.br__ RDF page.

All URI's (base of the subjects) are index over 2013-2016-indicadores.cidadessustentaveis.org.br__/rdf. This was done for RDF's URI not rely on filtered data of a specific Iota network domain.

N-Triples Dump updated each 2 hours

dump.iota.n3.gz Import it into your favorite RDF/XML parser!

Available data

Output formats

This RDF implementation supports the following serialization types: ntriples, nquads, rdfxml, rdfjson, ntriples-canonical and turtle. turtle is the default option.

Eg: http://2013-2016-indicadores.cidadessustentaveis.org.br__/rdf/variable/19?format=ntriples
Eg: http://2013-2016-indicadores.cidadessustentaveis.org.br__/rdf/variable/19?format=rdfxml